The Beauty Of Diamond Stud Earrings

Nowadays, there are so many options available. You can endow a designer and fashionable it to male, because they are especially fond of designer jewellery and new type of fashion jewelry such their wardrobes and shoes. Now you can easily find all kind of designer jewelry and all type of designer brands. There are so many online websites available, where you can find all kind of jewellery. They provide all kind of jewellery in reasonable prices and they have lots of verities.

If most of us appreciate the low cost of silver, some women still look for the most expensive earrings in the world. Of course those can be found in Hollywood’s, preferred jeweler to the stars, Harry Winston’s store.

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Harry Winston is known as the jeweler to the stars. Every year Harry Winston lends out hundreds of millions of dollars worth of jewelry to stars to wear at the Oscars. In 2006 Harry Winston created a pair of diamond earrings consisting of two pear-shaped diamonds in a platinum setting totaling 60.1 carats. Buying the world’s most expensive earrings will cost you .5 million.

Of course, women love diamonds. But they also have an innate sense of style. That is why they wear earrings that suit the occasion and their dress. If it’s a formal event, like a day at the office, you would find her in a pair of simple yet striking studs, just enough to call attention to the sophisticated elegance of the diamond earring without being overbearing in any way. In case of a corporate party, she may opt for a larger pair of studs, may be with pearls and diamonds. This time, the idea is to draw attention to the rock and tell others that here is a woman of means! Obviously, diamond studs are an indispensable part of her jewelry collection and every woman should have 2-3 pairs that she can wear according to the occasion.

MM: You’ve designed engagement rings for today’s hottest stars like Kat von D and Jessica Simpson. Both rings have that Neil Lane sense of glamour – but at the same time capture their very unique personalities. What’s your secret?

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