Best Collection Of Diamond Earrings

So, back to this week and all the diverse groups of people I was able to have fellowship with. Being in the presence of these different groups this week allowed me to turn off my “teaching” switch and really learn from them.

Taser gun – Show her you care for her by giving her something that she can use to protect herself. A taser gun may seem unconventional, but it is something she will always carry with her for protection’s sake. Just make sure you show her how to use it.

When it comes to diamond beware of 4C’s characteristics that determine the color, clarity, cut and carat of the stone. Your price also depends on these factors which can help you to get the most amazing piece to make your mother’s day special. Apparently when it comes to set your budget you become baffle.

Trained gemologists can see small traces of color under a loupe (small magnification lens) but diamonds that fall in between D and J on the color scale will not show visible differences to the untrained eye. If you have set your heart on a diamond of G color, consider going down to H, I, or J. The price difference will be substantial and your diamond will be white. Of course a D diamond is rare and desirable but unless you can afford to pay a ridiculous price for a diamond, don’t make color your main priority.

Keep the make up to a minimum and apply what you wear with a light hand, enough to look great, but not so much that you cover up your natural beauty. Try mineral powder make up for a fresh faced look that doesn’t harm your skin. Don’t forget the lip gloss!

Just like most things in life, it is wise to plan ahead. Waiting until the last minute to shop, in hopes that one of the many jewelry stores has that perfect pair of diamond earrings, is a risk. If you are a gambler, feel free to brave the crowds and long lines. You never know – it just may turn out to be your best holiday yet!

So what do we do instead? We certainly need to have plans and we need to have goals. If these involve other people you need to let them in on it! Discussion is mandatory.